Straight Frontal Hair

Straight Frontal Hair


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Straight frontal hair

For many factors, the High Lyfe Bundles frontal hair extensions offer greater flexibility when styling your hair. To precisely resemble the scalp, the frontals are made with either a silk foundation or a lace foundation. This also extends from ear to ear, and the hair may be easily parted to be worn on the hand, left, or right side. You may also pull your hair into a tight bun, ponytail, or other hairstyles that are pulled back without it having to wear a wig or scarf. For this reason, frontals work well on women who may have thinning or balding edges because they so closely resemble the natural hairline. The High Lyfe straight frontal comes in black and can be dyed to other colours or shades of your choice and they range from 14 inches to 16 inches in length.

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