Straight Hair 3 Bundles Deals

Straight Hair 3 Bundles Deals


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Straight hair 3 bundles deals

The High Lyfe Bundles Straight hair packages are the most used multipurpose hair extensions in the market. They can be styled to have different looks and they can also be dried securely, then dyed for a personalized feel. Pure straight hair is made of pure human hair, and the cuticle is intact. Straight hair bundles give you a perfect full head from top to bottom. You’ll love your silky straight hair weave because it will perfectly mix with our natural straight hair. It also matches your natural hair but with no annoying broken hair. The straight hair three bundle deals is a combo deal that lets you buy three bundles, (see their lengths in the options) at a more affordable price, offering you the best deal you can get.

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12"14"16, 14"16"18, 16"18"20, 18"20"22, 20"22"24, 22"24"26, 24"26"28, 26"28"30

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